Fullcalendar integration using JQUERY, MySQL & PHP with repeating events support

Recently, I was working on a project that required populating events from a MySQL database to a Fullcalendar using PHP and JQuery.
The repeating events were set to repeat on a given frequency such as every (n) days/weeks/months/years. The client also needed a calendar that allowed completing single task in a repeating range. The following is my raw hack at tackling this problem. Any more efficient suggestions are welcome.

This solution is implemented using Laravel framework.

laravel new events-app

Migration files

php artisan make:migration CreateEventsTable --create=events

– Edit the migration file

Schema::create('events', function (Blueprint $table) {
$table->string('status')->default('open'); //open, in-progress, closed, cancelled

Fullcalendar has a dow function that allows to repeat on specific days of the week. The problem is when the event is set on a date range, when you use `dow`, then the event repeats forever in both past and future. Fullcalendar’s end date is now exclusive and therefore I had to add 1 to the `for` loop the loops through the date range.



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