Top machine learning companies in 2018

There is a common belief that lesser startups are predominantly more innovative and dynamic than more prominent established market leaders. This perception is widespread in almost all industries. The use of machine learning applications is unwavering becoming a daily phenomenon. Machine learning requires data aggregation, most of which comes from end users. Privacy and data security issues have recently become a common headline in media outlets. On top of the list has been Facebook with the latest Scandal involving data theft.

These companies while developing tech for the future, rely on users allowing their data to be aggregated and used for machine learning, be it to improve their services or develop new products. This is not a comprehensive list, rather an overview, with no specific order.


This online retail giant offers both artificial business services and products to their consumers. Amazon provides artificial intelligence in to the homes through the voice server, Alexa. The company uses three services;Polly, that converts texts to speech, Lex, which is a business version of Alexa and Rekognition that recognizes images.


Google is definitely a leader in the artificial intelligence and is on a massive AI acquisition binge. Having acquired more than ten AI startups within four years, Google seems to take a severe investment in furthering AI capabilities. Google focuses on improving its services rather than selling products in the market.


Apple has demonstrated its significant steps in the recent years by virtually acquiring four artificial intelligence startups in the past two years. The company launched one of the best unique security systems the FaceID for facial recognition and heavily relies on Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant.Apple has always been on top of the game especially since the launch of Siri and has continued to work silently letting the world be the judge.


Microsoft is known to be the world’s third-largest spender on acquisitions in the last four years. The company is genuinely in internet marketing, and this is backed up by the fact that they spent $26 billion to purchase LinkedIn some few years ago. LinkedIn may go a long way toward providing the best platform for Microsoft to showcase its enterprise applications based on machine learning.


Known to be the leader in the field of artificial intelligence in the 50’s, IBM’s efforts on machine learning have been witnessed in the past years when the company purchased three artificial intelligence startups. IBM focuses mainly on AI-based cognitive service and scales out the systems designed for submitting cloud-based analytics and AI services.